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About Us

Paniamor Foundation is a Costa Rican, not-for-profit, non-partisan, private organization, of a preventive and technical nature.  It was created in 1987, and declared of Public Interest by the Costa Rican Government, in 1990.  The foundation organizes its work along three permanent programs, as follows:

The Violence Prevention Program, which addresses personal violence against and amongst children and youth (family violence, school violence, community violence).  This program was created in 1988, and received  the Henry Kempe International Award in 1990.

The Political Incidence Program, which addresses the lack of due performance by public institutions responsible for the protection fulfillment of chidren's rights in the country (as it relates to the drafting of new legislation, and the fostering of new public policies, and more effective institutional practices); and also promotes the involvement of key social actors in the development of national strategies that seek to respond to more structural conditions affecting the rights of particularly vulnerable populations.  This program was created in 1992.

The Social Development Program, which works mainly with adolescents ages 13 to 18, from socio-economic deprived communities, to address issues of poverty and exclusion (school drop-out, unemployment, gender discrimination, digital divide).  It seeks to promote values, knowledge and skills that will empower these new generations to exercise their rights and responsibilities for their own personal growth, and that of their families, peers, and communities of origin. This Program was created in 1999.

Central Issues of our Work

  • Legislative Reform and Public Policy:  Design and Lobbying Activities.
  • Violence prevention in the family, schools, and community.
  • Prevention of the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC):  Sex Tourism and Trafficking.
  • ICT´s  (Information and Communication Technology) for youth development and overcoming poverty and social exclusion.
  • Youth living in impoverished conditions and scarcity of employment opportunities.
  • HIV prevention.
  • Youth civic participation.
  • Corporate Responsibility focusing on children’s rights.

 Board of Administrators:

We are not funded by the State.  Our projects are implemented through funding obtained from international organizations, private foundations and the private sector.  We also receive funding from individual donors and different fundraising events.  All our projects are subject to external auditing and that of our cooperating partners.

President: Luis Diego Herrera Amighetti
Director: Emilia Saborío Pozuelo
Director: Arturo Condo Tamayo
Director: Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría
Director: Luis Javier Castro
Honorary Member: Lilly Yamuni
Executive Director: Milena Grillo

For further inquiries, please contact us at:


Political Incidence

July 2009

Fundacion Paniamor, Ministerio de Seguridad and Direccion General de Migracion allied in order to enforce the investigation of the trade of underaged persons

August 2009

The new spirit of the Code of Conduct

September 2009

Peace starts with oneself

"Tales to Discuss" go hand in hand with the Convention and the family

October 2009

Fundacion Paniamor stresses the role of print media

The Social Map beyond a Book of Life

Fundacion Paniamor presents new subject in the Panel of Childwatch's Network in Argentina

November 2009

Fundacion Paniamor presents Social Map results 2008-2009 to the Public Health Care Ministry, the Judicial Investigation Force (Organismo de Investigacion Judicial, OIJ) and to the Ministry of Public Affairs to strengthen investigation and prevention of human trafficking

First meeting of the Latin-American National Systems for the integral protection of childhood and adolescence

Diciembre 2009

Psychosocial Intervention Strategies for health attention towards adolescents with Abusive Sexual Conducts (ASC)

Forum on Human Rights and Juvenile Penal Justice with Sergio Paulo Pinheiro, special childhood narrator for the United Nations Inter-American Commission on Rights

Prevention of Violence

July 2009

Fundacion Paniamor, Oficina de la Mujer de la Municipalidad de San Carlos, y Coopelesca create a strategic alliance to develop the campaign "Educa. Sin Pegar" in the North Zone

August 2009

A crucial role within human rights

September 2009

Fundacion Paniamor forms alliance with religious leaders

October 2009

Fundacion Paniamor presents the achievements of its campaign 'Educate With No Punishment' as an experience of good practice

November 2009

Fundacion Paniamor initiates sensibilization process and promotion of Law on Physical Punishment and Humiliating Treatment with support from the National Patronage of Infancey (Patronato Nacional de la Infancia, PANI)

December 2009

Interview: Participating mothers and fathers in the workshop: Educate. Without violence.

Interview: Participating mothers in the workshops: Educate. Without violence.

January 2010

Overview of the campaigan Educate. Without violence.

February 2010

The Paniamor Foundation creates an alliance with the National Children's Hospital and participates in the march 'No more tears'

March 2010

Presentation of National Survey on Educating Patterns used for Children

Presentation of the Manual or Guide to work the Human Rights of Native Children

Social Development

July 2009

The new role of adolescents in political spheres

August 2009

An alliance for complementary formation

September 2009

Adolescent participation transcends borders

Fundacion Paniamor invites adolescents to a regional competition on a safe and responsible use of the internet

October 2009

Project "Solo para Chicas"

November 2009

From the perspective of participating adolescents in the Project Youth Zone Santa Ana: Before and After

Award Ceremony for the Competition Tecnologia Si

January 2010

Adolescents belonging to the Clubhouse San Jose Sur show solidarity with Haiti by organizing a food drive in Hatillo

February 2010

Costarican adolescents win third place in regional contest "Tecnologia Si, Conectate con Responsabilidad" (Technology Yes, Get Connected Responsibly)

Project "Only for Girls" Circle of Friends (2009-2011)

March 2010

Mesoamerican Forum on Youth and HIV: Be Heard! Declaration of Principles

Feeling and Youth Action: Mesoamerican forum on Youth and HIV: Be Heard!

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